Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Konad + China Glaze Up & Away Experiment

I'm Gonna be Konading with ChG Up & Away polishes on top of ChG Up & Away Polishes.
Konading with Image Plate M57 Leopard Print pattern
(excuse the dry hands and cuticles)
Thumb: 2 coats ChG Lemon Fizz-Konaded with ChG Paper Chasing
Index: 2 coat ChG Flyin' High-Konaded with ChG Re-Fresh Mint
Middle: 2 coats ChG Sugar High-Konaded with ChG Light As Air
Ring: 2 coat ChG Paper Chasing-Konaded with ChG Something Sweet
Pinky: 2 coats ChG Lemon Fizz-Konaded with ChG Sugar High


  1. Me too! My next Konadicure will be one that I was inspired to do after doing this experiment.

  2. i loved this one! both the colours and the design! :)