Thursday, April 22, 2010

? About The Zoya Exchange

How do you go about mailing in your polishes...I have never participated in this before. I have received tons of polish, but never mailed any....How do you go about doing this.


  1. Wrap each bottle in bubble wrap and put them in a Priority Mail small box. This box will hold 10 bottles and the shipping is a flat rate of $4.95. You can order them free from or get them at your PO. If you have more use a bigger box. Take it to the post office and when they ask if there is anything hazardous, liquid, etc. say nope and smile. That's what I do and I never have any problems.

  2. That is exactly how you do it! Just as KrisInPhilly said. LOL!

  3. Thanks Lissi that is exactly how I am going to do it! :)........Thanks ladies