Monday, May 31, 2010

Barielle Wildflower Collection

A Bouquet For Ava- A deep cool Caribbean blue. This is a beautiful blue shade with a hint of green. The formula for this one was nice.  This application is 2 coats.
Blossom-A creamy opaque peach. This is a gorgeous peachy pink color.  The formula for this one was a little bit thick, but not unmanagable.  This application is 2 coats.
June Bug-Baby Blue with fuscia glitter. This is a very unique color. It comes off a litte more grey than baby blue (as described on the website) to me.  I love the specks of fuscia glitter. This formula was a little thick. This application is 2 coats.
Myzra's Meadow- Lime green with silver glitter. This is another gorgeous unique color in this collection. The formula was thick, but applied nicely for me. This application is 2 coats.
Snapdragon-Metallic seafoam green. This color also has a pearl finish. This formula is thin and a little streaky. This application is 2 coats.
Daring Dahlia- Deep Fuscia with shimmer. This is a gorgeous rosy purple with shimmer. This formula was thin and was very easy to apply. This application is 2 coats.

All in all, this is a great collection! The formulas differ a bit, some thick & some thin. I had no problem applying any of the polishes. 

You can purchase these colors at the Barielle website for $8 a bottle.

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