Thursday, May 20, 2010

Zoya Flash Collection

Zoya Flash Summer 2010 Collection
This collection is beautiful with 6 stunning bright creme shades!

Zoya Robyn
Robyn-This is a beautiful blue shade!  This was an easy application with 3 coats.  Anyone who loves the color blue will love this color! It is the perfect creamy blue!
Zoya Perrie
Perrie-This has to be my favorite of the collection. I was immediately drawn to this color (purple is  my favorite color)!  It is a gorgeous creamy's perfect!  Its application was a breeze, using only 2 coats. 
Zoya Dana
Dana- this is a beautiful, bright raspberry pink! Although I don't think pinks and reds are too flattering on me....I'm loving this color!  And I must say it looks great on! Application-2 Coats
Zoya Jolene 
Jolene-This is the second pink in the collection.  This one is definitely more of a bubblegum pink. I'm loving it! What a great creme color for summer. Application-2 Coats.
Zoya Maura
Maura-This is a stunning classic red! It is Gorgeous! Enough said! Application-2 coats.
Zoya Jancyn
Jancyn-This is an amazing tangerine creme! Check out my previous swatches and review Here

All in all, this is an amazing summer collection!  I can definitely say that there  isn't a color in this collection that I don't like. I will be wearing every single one of these colors this summer. 

Zoya can be purchased for $7 per bottle on their official website
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  1. They are all so pretty and shiney!

  2. Yes, they are all gorgeous! Zoya never disappoints me.

  3. I was not that excited about these when I first heard about them, but the more swatches I see the more I like them.