Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some Milani Swatches

Milani 3D HOLOGRAPHIC Specialty Nail Lacquer
"New specialty nail lacquer that exhibits a unique 3D Holographic effect that no
other nail lacquer has ever achieved. The nail lacquer appears to color-shift as the
illumination source or the viewing angle changes. This color phenomenon is based
on Holographic Image Technology that makes a very thin, bright, embossed metallic
flake look like a rainbow. It allows the color to travel from red, orange, yellow, green,blue, indigo, and violet; seven distinctive colors of the color spectrum." ~From MilaniCosmetics.com
 Milani 3D Holographic~Hi-Tech- This is a gorgeous golden green with multicolor shimmer. This is definitely one you have to see in person.  The formula was fantastic, this application is 2 coats. This polish dried to a smooth finish very quickly .  Removal was so easy, not a pain like most glittery polishes.

 Milani Nail Lacquer
"Professional, long-wearing, chip-resistant, super glossy formula with a spectacular color range of intensely vibrant shades, from trendsetting, fashionable runway to traditional best sellers."~From MilaniCosmetics.com 
 Milani~Breezy- This is a beautiful shimmering electric blue with small micro-reflective sparkles.  This formula was good, this application is 3 coats.  The dry time was fairly quick.

 Milani NEON Specialty Nail Lacquer

"New specialty nail lacquers created to give your nails a POP of brilliance.
These bright neon shades capture the explosion of color that has made an impact of
the latest color trends and are here to stay."~From MilaniCosmetics.com

Milani Neon Nail Lacquer~Awesome Orange- This is an awesome neon orange.  Very Bright!  This formula is amazing. This application is 1 coat of Color Club Paris White and 2 coats of Awesome Orange.  Dry time was very quick.

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  1. Wow HI-tech looks just amazing. I like the orange too

  2. Hi-tech is awesome. It's definitely one you have to see in person to appreciate its full beauty!

  3. Hey, thanks for the post. I'm just getting ready to do some milani shopping this weekend. This helps. :)

  4. More Hi-Tech Love here! There's just something about shimmery holo-y things that makes your day better =)

  5. Looks great :) I have been thinking about trying the Milani Brand, but now I will for sure :0)

  6. Dovey~I totally agree, who can resist holo and shimmer?

    Jillian~glad I could help! :)