Thursday, July 15, 2010

My 100th Post & New Domain Name

Check it are now at
I decided to purchase my domain name.
This is also my 100th Post.
Thank you to all of my followers who continue to read my blog.  I'm having a blast blogging!

I am having some problems since changing over to my new domain name.  This is where I need your help.  If you follow my blog, go to your dashboard and go to your reading list.  Find Polish & Konad and click on it. Now on the right where my most recent post are supposed to be, I see this:
You have followed this URL, but we couldn't find a feed for it. Please check that the URL is correct:
Is this what you see.  Does anyone who has switched their domain name know how to fix this.  Please comment if you have any suggestions for me.


Thanks to everyone for their feedback on the above situation. I believe the problem has been solved.


  1. I just switched mine over this week too and didn't have that problem...mine is that blogger ate ALL the comments left prior to the blogger.

    I scrolled down my list and clicked for your blog and I'm not getting the error message you posted about the feed...maybe try posting in the help forum. If you go to blogger and click on help that's where you find it. That's what I did and they have been super helpful!

  2. Thanks Jen,
    So when you click for my blog and dont get the error you see all my recent posts?

  3. Congrats on the changeover!

    I just checked my list and I'm getting all your recent posts (which is how I saw this one) and no error message. :)

  4. yep I see all the recent posts. I think blogger is just a pain in the ass about switching your domain. When I first switched mine it wouldn't even let me look at my blog or click on anything.

  5. Thanks Cupcakequeen22 and Jen...Maybe it's just mine. As long as everyone can see it in their reading lists and on google reader, thats all that matters.

  6. I found it fine. :) Things are working all right from my end. Congrats on your 100th post and your domain!

  7. Ooh that cupcake looks yummy. Yay to your 100th post! ^.^