Monday, October 25, 2010

Color Club Bewitching Halloween Mini Set + Nail Art

Hello all of my nail polish lovers!  I hope you all had an awesome weekend.  I have been so busy lately swatching and reviewing collections that I haven't been able to do all the Halloween manis that I had planned, so I am going to be dedicating this whole week to Halloween related posts ONLY. 

Today I have for you Color Club's Bewitching Collection for Halloween.

This set includes:
4 Bewitching Lacquers
1 Bewitching Decal Pack

Halloween Gem pack is sold separately.


Click |Read More| to view swatches & Halloween nail art.

Color Club Bewitching

Hocus Pocus-An almost holographic glitter polish packed with tons of multi-colored glitter.

Spellbound-A shiny neon orange.

Charmed I'm Sure-A gorgeous bluish purple with magenta micro glitter.

Bewitching-A Nice black creme.

Bewitching Mini Set
Application-2 Coats
Dry Time-Quick

Color Club Bewitching with Decals
Here is what I came up with when I was playing around with the decals and gems.  I love the Hocus Pocus(index), Spellbound(middle)  and the Bewitching(pinky) nails, but i'm not too fond of the Charmed I'm Sure(ring) nail, it's a mess!

On the index and middle nails I used the decals and on the ring and pinky nails I used the gems.

You can purchase Color Club's Bewitching Mini Set at and

Products were provided for review.


  1. very very pretty! wonder how does hocus pocus hold up to magic attraction? :/

  2. @Jamie K.-Thank You. I wish I had Magic Attraction so that I could compare.

  3. I love Hocus Pocus! Was it a straight glitter that was hard to remove?

  4. @JustSomeNailsByMJ-Yes it is straight glitter and it was a little tough to remove, which is typical of most glitter polishes.

  5. The one that you used "Charmed I'm Sure" the finished look, looks kinda like brains.

  6. i love this set. very pretty colors

  7. thanks for this swatch, it's always easier to order after seeing the result on nails :) nice halloween design XD

  8. Ohhh, blingies!!! The colors are pretty cool but you ramped them up 1000% with your Konading. I would have to leave these on til the day after Halloween. ;)

  9. @JessicaG.-I thought it looked like a mess! But brains it is! LOL
    @Twister-Thanks! I love it too.
    @Saori-You're Welcome and I totally agree.
    @Kimberly-Thanks...I'm glad you like them. I didn't use any Konading on these tho...I used the decals that came in the set.