Saturday, October 16, 2010

Deborah Lippmann-Across The Universe

Here is another Gorgeous shade from Deborah Lippmann, Across The Universe.

"Back in Fall of 2009 I took a big risk and created a unique shade called Superstar, a show stopping copper flecked fudge sparkle in an effort to create a new and sophisticated way to wear glitter.  The response was overwhelming and started the sequin polish craze which led to iconic shades like my Marquee Moon, Ruby Red Slippers and ultimately our  all time best-seller Happy Birthday.  After I debuted Happy Birthday, I decided to create textured polishes in new sophisticated color spectrum, updating glitter in a modern way.  As always, I took inspiration from music in naming the shades, this time spanning decades and genres with Across The Universe & Bad Romance." - Deborah Lippmann

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"An uber-chic male friend of mine callled me late one Thursday night and was insistent we try to capture all of space and time in a bottle!  The next night he took me up for my first trip to the Museum of Natural History to see the show at the Hayden Planetarium and I instantly knew what he was talking about.  After some experimentation, I developed Across The Universe, a blazing blue and metallic green glam glitter blend in a sheerest navy base.  I used the celestial shade at the Lela Rose Fall 2010 New York Fashion Week show, incorporating the bold color in a playful yet sophisticated way." - Deborah Lippmann

Across The Universe
Described as blazing blue and metallic green glam in the sheerest navy (glitter).

Application-3 Coats
Dry Time-Fairly Quick

I'm loving this one!  What do you think?

Across The Universe can be purchased at for $18 per bottle.

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  1. I love it! I really like reading about how she comes up with her colors.

  2. i like it alot but its still expensive!

  3. @Zara-Me too!

    @Toesthattwinkle-glad you like it! It's a little on the pricey side.