Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Mani | Mummies

Today I have a Halloween Mani that was inspired by Iris at PimpMyNailz. Mine doesn't compare to hers at all, it's the cutest mummy mani. Check out Iris's mani here.

Click |Read More| to see what I used to create this mummy mani and a review of Migi Nail Art.
What I Used

  • Base| 2 Coats of China Glaze Frosty

  • Image Plate| Konad-S06

  • Stamping Polish| Deborah Lippmann-Fade To Black
  • Eye Area| I colored in a black area with a Migi Nail Art Pen in Black.

  • Eyeballs| I added 2 dots for the eyes with a Migi Nail Art Pen in Shimmering White.

  • Eyes| I added black dots to the centers of the eyeballs with the same black Migi Nail Art Pen. 
  • Top Coat| Seche Vite.

This was the first time that I have used the Migi Nail Art Pens and I must say that they are awesome.  They make me want to do a lot more nail art and they do not clog like the ones that I got from ebay.  I would highly recommend these to anyone who does a lot of nail art or anyone who is a beginner at nail art.

Check out Migi Nail Art at

Migi Nail Art Pens were provided for consideration.


  1. both your version and hers are adorable!!!

  2. These are adorable! I saw your inspiration as well and they were also so cute! I like the little eyes!

  3. This is so cute =)
    Btw, you can find a tutorial on how to do a lightbox in my blog! just check out the DIY label =) I'm sorry, things came inbetween, I couldn't really answer your question!

  4. @LetThemHavePolish-Thank you! : )

    @Trincess-it's okay hon! I totally understand. Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. How cute!, I too like the eyes ^_^.

  6. I think these look great! I like your take on the colors much better than your inspiration's, because the Frosty looks more mummy-wrap like!