Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Top 10 Favorite Nail Blogs

Hello Nail Polish Addicts!  Today I wanted to share with you my to 10 favorite nail blogs.  It was so hard to choose only 10 since there are so many nail blogs that I love.  Here they are, go check out these awesome blogs.

Here we go!

Katrina is a college student with an awesome nail blog.  I am always amazed by her nail art.  You must go to her blog and check out all her amazing nail art.

Thriszha is an internet cafe owner in the Philippines.  My jaw drops everytime I see her nail art on her blog.  She is amazing!  She has a great eye for detail and I just love all her mani's.

Black Nail Polish & Lipgloss
We all know her as Evil Angel. She is the owner of Evil Shades Cosmetics and the owner of an awesome blog! Go check out all her great reviews, swatches & mani's.

Polish Galore
Krystal's blog is nice and clean and very informative.  She has some great swatches & reviews.  She always has good information about nail products. And she is a fellow Texan!

Enamel Girl
This girl has some great nail art and nail stamping on her blog.  She truly inspires me.  I actually copied a couple of her Halloween mani's.  Go check out her blog!

Iris over at Pimp My Nailz showcases some awesome nail art and nail stamping.  A great blog for nail art or nail stamping inspiration.  Check it out!

If you love nail blogs and haven't heard of this one, then I don't know where you have been.  ALU is an amazing blog that always has all the latest info on all the great nail products and nail polish brands.  If you are looking for anything nail polish related, you are likely to find it at ALU.

A great blog with all the up-to-date info on all the great major polish brands.  When I need to see what a color looks like, this is the where I go.  She has tons of swatches and her photos are nice and clear.  Looking for a polish?  Look at Vampy Varnish!

Emerald Sparkled
I love all of her posts!  Here is another blogger who inspires me. I have recreated a few of her Konad mani's.  Her blog is full of great Konad mani's, nail polish swatches, reviews & great giveaways.  Here photos are awesome, nice a clear!  If you love everything about nail polish, then this blog is a must see.

This is my absolute most favorite nail blog.  It's a great blog.  This is my go-to blog for all the up-to-date information about the latest nail polish collections.  I also really love the look of this blog, it's very nice and clean and easy to navigate.  This blog is great resource if you are looking for swatches, reviews, and information about the latest and upcoming nail products.

These are just a few of the nail blogs I read and love.  I am thinking about doing a weekly post with links to other blogs I read and love.


  1. Thank you! I've just discovered a couple new blogs! <3

  2. These are great, thanks for sharing! I was already following Lacquerized, Polish Galore, and FAB UR NAILS, so there were many for me to add!

  3. Thanx for the suggestions! And I would love it if you would check out my new nail art blog & follow me,

  4. Oh my God! I was reading this and when I saw my name I almost got too excited! Thank you thank you so much for mentioning my name along with your nice words, I'm delighted! =) <3

  5. you are so sweet! thank you <3 and i love all those other blogs too!~

  6. Ur such a sweety angel... thank u for loving my blog.. I love ur blog too..Im so speechless.. U really made my day!! xoxo

  7. @JackieS.-Thanks!

    @JQ-Glad I could help you to discover a few more blogs.

    @Asami- : )

    @JSNBMJ-I'm glad you like them!

    @Deriniti-You're Welcome. I already follow your blog. Great Blog!

    @Trincess-You're Welcome. I love your blog!

    @Katrina-You're Welcome. : )

    @ThRiSzHa-You're Welcome! I'm glad that it made your day! : )


  8. WOW! Just found out about your site through my Google Analytics lol. So happy to find my little site in your list, glad you like the things I do! You got yourself a pretty awesome site as well girly ;-)

  9. I just started a nail and konad blog and am always looking to find other great nail blogs. Wow these girls blogs really do deserve to be on the top 10. :D Definitly not the usual nail art that I'm used to seeing

  10. your blog!

    @Gigi-Thanks! I'm glad you like them : )

  11. Oh thank you sweetie!!! You're too kind (blush).

  12. @Enamel Girl. You're welcome! You have a great blog!

  13. Awww thanks so much! *blushes* how sweet is that?? xoxo

  14. You're Welcome Michele...You have an awesome blog!

  15. I don't have a nail blog .. but, your list is pretty much the same as the one I'm loyal to. :) Emerald Sparkled is is *awesome*. Here's 2 others that I love!!

    If you haven't seen them, GO! They're great.

  16. Thanks kellie- I didnt have the