Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brodway Nails | Fashion Diva Chrome Nails

Today I have the Broadway Nails Fashion Diva Chrome Nails.  

Broadway Nails introduces NEW Fashion Diva Chrome Nails.  Just like Minx nails but longer-lasting, easier to apply and with no damage to the natural nail underneath, these metallic glue-on nails come with funky zebra print nails to mix and match as desired.  They will sell at leading drug stores nationwide (CVS, Kmart, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid) plus www.beautyonlinesupply.com.~Broadway Nails

New Broadway Chrome nails come in longer lengths that can be filed or clipped to any desired shape or length.  Plus, to add a creative accent, mix in the zebra print Chrome nail on the pinkie nail or other nails.~Broadway Nails

Here are my Fashion Diva Chrome Nails.

What do you think?  These nails were so easy to apply and would be great for a night out.

Broadway offers the hottest trends in nail designs from around the world.  The Fashion Diva complete line of nails come in either short or medium lengths.  The kit contains 24 nails per box in 12 different sizes giving a perfect fitting manicure every time. No mess no fuss, these glue-on nails will not damage the natural nail underneath and will last for up to 7-days, simply soak nails in pure acetone to remove. ~Broadway Nails

For more info on Broadway Nails Fashion Diva Chrome Nails at BroadwayNails.com.

Price:  $5.99


  1. These nails are in no way "like" Minx Nails. These are stick on nails. Which are more likely to harm the nail. Minx is a solid film polymer that when heated with a specially made infra red lamp reacts to make the backing adhese to the natural, gel or acrylic nail. Minx Nails can last 4-8 days on fingers and up to 4 weeks on toes. I have no idea how long the stick ons stay on. Minx comes in many different designs and are the original creaters of extending fashion to the fingertips. ; ) www.minxnails.com

  2. Wow, these are so cool!!! I have tried the Minx nails before and they completely damaged my nails (stripped off a layer) and lasted for 3 days. I am an avid wearer of Broadway and never had a problem with damage (soak off in the remover kit) and they last for at least 7 days. Kudos to Broadway for making really fashionable nails!

  3. @joanne-Thanks so much for commenting. I have not tried Minx Nails, so I cannot compare them. The info in my post is from the press release I got from Broadway Nails about the Chrome Nails. These nails came with glue so that you are able to wear them longer (they did not come with the sticky tabs).

    Here is just a little info about my experience with Broadway Nails.......

    I absolutely love Broadway Nails, they are actually part of the reason I am blogging today. I broke the nasty habit of biting my nails with KISS and Broadway glue on nails. I wore them religiously, changing them out weekly until my nails were long...then I stopped biting them and got into nail polish and Konad stamping. I just wanted to let my readers know my experience with using them.

    maliez32- Sorry to hear that about the Minx nails damaging your nails. I have not tried them so I cannot judge them. Glad you love Broadway Nails as much as I do. Thanks for commenting.

  4. i loved, i loved, i loved, too beautiful