Friday, March 16, 2012

Nubar Jellybeans Collection | Preview

Jellybean CollectionThis season nubar brings the vibrant hues of the ultimate springtime confection to your tips and toes!  nubar’s Jellybeans are eight exciting shades of premium high gloss nail lacquer which vary from delicate to vivid with everything in between.  No matter what your style, you’ll find a Jellybean that’s just right for you!

The colors of nubar’s Jellybeans are:

1  NJB263 Toasted Marshmallow – opaque light carmelized brown creme

2  NJB264 Lemon – opaque bright yellow creme

3  NJB265 Kiwi – opaque pastel green creme

4  NJB266 Blue Raspberry – semi-opaque light turquoise creme

5  NJB267 Strawberry – semi-opaque light modern pink creme

6  NJB268 Grape – semi-opaque medium modern purple creme

7  NJB269Cherry – semi-opaque bright orange red creme

8  NJB270 Blueberry – opaque medium vibrant blue crème 

Nubars Jellybeans Collection can be purchased at $64 for the full collection or $8 per bottle. 

What are your favorites from this collection?

Swatches Coming Soon!


  1. Hate to be a party pooper but these shades all seem like they have been done a lot from China Glaze and other lines. They are not typical for Nubar, so maybe that's why they have been added to update and market the over all line. I sure don't need any of these. And I do really like Nubar and have a lot of their polishes.

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